Posted: September  9, 2011

EAM Launches Largest Capacity Life Raft to Meet Demand

EAM Worldwide, also known as Eastern Aero Marine, is proud to announce that its Model EAM-T56 Air-Aspirated Life Raft has received FAA approval for immediate use in the commercial and aviation industry. With a rated capacity of 56 persons and an overload capacity of 84 persons, this new Type I, twin-tube life raft is the largest-rated capacity produced by EAM Worldwide. EAM-T56 joins the Classic Series of life rafts which extensively includes EAM-T6A (6-person), EAM-T12 (12-person), EAM-T25 (25-person), EAM-T32 (32-person), EAM-T36 (36-person) and EAM-T46 (46-person).

Developed due to increasing demand and request by existing clients, EAM-T56 delivers the highest standard of quality and safety and a preferred alternative to available large capacity raft options. The EAM-T56 carries many popular standard features including a high-pressure nitrogen inflation system for rapid cold weather inflation, a visible pressure gauge for quick in-service checks, an automatic deploying sea anchor and a survival kit packaged in a sealed, waterproof nylon pouch.
“The EAM-T56 will allow our clients to receive immediate savings due to the competitive pricing of this product as well as save on repair station bills by only needing full maintenance inspection every 36 months,” stated Eloy Leal, Director of Operations & Engineering. “In addition to these savings, each client will always receive the highest level of service when dealing our sales department or factory-trained and EAM-endorsed repair stations.”

The EAM-T56 is also offered with a variety of survival kits that meet FAA and JARS OPS 1 requirements. The EAM-T56 can be equipped with a reverse osmosis water-maker hand pump that can produce up to six gallons of fresh drinking water from sea water each day. If needed, optional emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) are available for installation either in the survival kit or attached to the life raft buoyancy tube for automatic activation versions. The ELT’s transmit homing can signal on 121.5/243 MHz and coded COSPAS/SARSAT compliant on 406 MHz.
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